World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
2009 in Hong Kong

Theme 2009: Protecting children in cyberspace
Children everywhere have the right to a safe environment, even when that environment is a cyber one. The connection might be virtual, the danger is real.

The World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (previously known as World Telecommunication Day), which was held for the first time in 1969, each year on 17 May to commemorate the founding of the ITU in 1865. Each year, different countries or cities carry out various activities to celebrate this Day.

From 2007-2008, with full support from the Office of the Telecommunication Authority (OFTA), Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK) had partnered with the Honorable Sin Chung-kai, Legislative Councilor (IT), to start WTISD-HK for promoting key messages of WTISD to the youth community in Hong Kong with an aim to enlighten their awareness of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) development in Hong Kong.  In 2009, the program will be carried forward with a new co-organiser, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), to continue in accomplishing the mission.

The series of activities for 2009 will include 4-panel Comic Drawing Competition, Geo-caching Hunting Competition, ICT Quiz Competition, and Communications Tours.  All prize presentation to winners will be scheduled on the ceremony launch day 16 May, 2009.

  Program Schedule Targets
i. 4-panel Comic Drawing Competition April 2009 Tertiary & Secondary students
ii. Geo-caching Hunting Competition 16 May 2009 Tertiary & F.4-6 students
iii. 2009 CAHK Trophy – ICT Quiz Competition 16 May 2009 Tertiary & F.4-6 students
iv. Launch Ceremony 16 May 2009 Media & the public
v. Communications Tour 23 May 2009 Tertiary & F.4-6 students


2009主題: Protecting children in cyberspace
在互聯網絡的世界中, 大家接觸的是虛擬的世界,難分真與假。對兒童來說,更是危險四處。本年度大會主題,正是要大家關注這問題及為兒童提供安全的使用網路之知識及保護。

「香港世界電訊及資訊社會日」(前身為「世界電訊日」)是為紀念國際電信聯盟(ITU)在1865年5月17 日成立而設的日子。從1969開始,每年這天,不同的國家/城市都會舉辦不同的活動以慶祝。

2007-2008年間,此慶祝活動也開始在香港區舉辦。香港通訊業聯會(CAHK),在電訊管理局全力支持下,與單仲偕立法會議員辦事處攜手合作舉辦連串項目,慶祝「香港世界電訊及資訊社會日」。在2009年,本會會與香港青年協會合作,繼續把大會主題,宣揚給中學及大專學生,讓他們體會ICT 的力量及認識這行業更多,並鼓勵他們投身ICT行業。

本年度的項目包括 [四格漫畫創作比賽]﹑[無線定位尋寶比賽]﹑[二零零九香港通訊業聯會杯]﹑及 [認識通訊半天遊],更豐富各學生的通訊知識。 所有獎項將於二零零九年五月十六日之「香港世界電訊及資訊社會日」慶祝及頒獎典禮中頒發。

  项目 日期 對象
i. 四格漫畫創作比賽 二零零九年四月 中學及大專學生
ii. 無線定位尋寶比賽 二零零九年五月十六日 高中及大專學生
iii. 二零零九香港通訊業聯會盃 二零零九年五月十六日 高中及大專學生
iv. 「香港世界電訊及資訊社會日」慶祝及頒獎典禮 二零零九年五月十六日 公眾及傳媒
v. 認識通訊半天遊 二零零九年五月廿三日 高中及大專學生