Hong Kong is famous for its hiking trails and attracts thousands of hikers from all over the world. However, hikers may encounter some hazards or even get lost due to some unexpected situations. To facilitate speedy and effective rescue, the Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK) has launched the new "GPS Hiker Tracking Service". It is based on GPS technology and follows the previous successfully launched "50222 SMS Hiker Tracking Service" since 2012.

To start using this latest "GPS Hiker Tracking Service," simply download and install "Enjoy Hiking" app which is developed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) onto your Smartphone. Launch the app and activate its "Hiker Tracking Service" function prior to starting your hiking trip. The GPS system will simply auto feed your tracking location and the data will be recorded at the service center. The data will be retrieved and can facilitate rescue if the need arises.


How It Works


Download and Install the "Enjoy Hiking" app from AFCD onto your smartphone.

Download and Install the "Enjoy Hiking" app from AFCD onto your smartphone.


First time activation:

  • Enter your phone # and select “Get Code”.
  • Activation Code will be sent via SMS.
  • Key-in the Activation Code and “Comfirm”.


Select "On" to activate the service. The app will run for 24 hours (or before if the hiker turns "OFF" the service). The service will automatically feed the data for tracking hiker's route via GPS, and transmit the data to service center using mobile networks.

Tracking data will be encrypted and stored, then erased automatically after 7 days, if no incident is reported.


If a hiker is lost, family or friends can report to the police to carry out a rescue operation. Upon receiving the rescue party's request, the service center will email the encrypted tracking data to dedicated contacts.

Rescue parties will analyze the recorded GPS data to help the rescue operation.







Will the "50222 SMS Hiker Tracking Service" be terminated soon?

No. The "50222 SMS Hiker Tracking Service" operates with all mobile phones, including non-smartphones and will remain available for use. Please refer to the relevant service leaflet for service details.


Do I need to register for the service? Any services charge?

NO prior registration is needed. Simply download and install AFCD's "Enjoy Hiking" app and activate its "Hiker Tracking Service" with Activation Code. Then, the "GPS Hiker Tracking Service" can be activated at any time by simply by turning the function before hiking.
"GPS Hiker Tracking Service" will feed GPS data via mobile networks, for which mobile bandwidth and data will be consumed. Thus, network and data services charges may apply but depending on users' mobile data plans.



"GPS Hiker Tracking" location data will only be transmitted when there is mobile network or Wi-Fi coverage.


To avoid any data roaming charge generated by "GPS Hiker Tracking Service" while hiking in boundary area, hikers may turn off smartphone data roaming function to avoid mobile network switching to roaming service, or consider to subscribing a roaming service plan with their mobile service providers


What kinds of GPS data will be fed from my smartphone?
Who will receive my information?

ONLY hiker location from GPS data will be fed and recorded, exclusive of all personal information. Tracking data is encrypted and stored at the Hiker Tracking Service system for 7 days.


Who can access my data?

Tracking data is encrypted and stored at CAHK Hiker Tracking Service system, and erased automatically after 7 days if no incident is reported.Upon receiving rescue parties' request, the Hiker Tracking Service Center will email the tracking data to dedicated contacts.


Even family members of lost hikers cannot access the encrypted data. Rescue parties will follow their standard rescue procedures and ask for tracking information only when necessary.


GPS Hiker Tracking Service is applicable to all smartphone devices?

The "GPS Hiker Tracking Service" operates with the "Enjoy Hiking" app introduced by AFCD. Any smartphone that can run the "Enjoy Hiking" app can activate the "GPS Hiker Tracking Service."


Will rescue parties only reference GPS information when searching for lost hikers?

The GPS tracking data will only be provided to rescue parties upon request. Professional rescue parties will analyze all-rounded hiker's information, e.g. telephone number, hiking habits and GPS tracking information to find hikers.


What should I do if I do not receive the "GPS Hiker Tracking Service" Activation Code or otherwise fail to obtain the code?

The Activation Code will be sent via SMS and is valid for 15 minutes. If the user fails to complete the confirmation process within this time, or does not receive the Activation Code via SMS message because of network availability, please request a new Activation Code where the mobile network signal is better available.


Download Application

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Press Release

For the press release of GPS Hiker Tracking Service, please click here




For the leaflet of GPS Hiker Tracking Service, please click here




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