3 Hong Kong "Make Our Lives Easier with AI" App Enhancement Competition


The popularity of smart phones, as a result the rapid development of Mobile Application. A wide range of applications which including instant messaging, social networking, living information, shopping platform, and food guides become our daily useful applications, consequently mobile application to be indispensable to our daily life. You are cordially invited to add "Artificial Intelligence" element in existing applications to enhance the function. Tell us how to make use of artificial intelligence to improve our daily life.

Event Details

Submission Period:1 March 2018 – 14 April 2018

Eligibility:S4-S6 secondary, university & college students

  1. According to the theme, use"AI" to enhance the existing App functions, please refer to the below guiding rules:
    • Entries can be presented in any form (e.g. Video, illustration, PowerPoint etc)
    • Explain the reasons for choosing the App
    • Indicate the improvement needed for the existing App
    • Elaborate how AI can improve or enhance the App
    • Explain the necessity of the improvement and the benefits from it
    • Instead of technical details, focus on the addition of new features
  2. Submit no more 800 words (Chinese or English) for proposal. Images can be attached in the proposal.
  3. Each participant can ONLY submit 1 entry.
  4. The score card for judging will include the originality (40%), feasibility (30%) and insights (30%).
  5. No restriction on drawing tool and computer-aided design is accepted
  6. Upload the proposal (in doc, docx, jepg, png, gif, ppt, pptx, pdf, mp4 format) to www.cahk.hk/WTISD2018 or whatsapp to 6572 4245 (please state your name / school / class / contact).

Assessment:10 outstanding submissions will be chosen by judge panel and displayed in Prize Presentation Ceremony. Champion, First Runner-Up and Second Runner-Up will be selected among the outstanding submissions.

Rules and Regulations:
  1. No restriction on the submitted file size.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to use the submissions in the future for any promotional and marketing service.
  3. All submitted entries must be in original, no copied or synthesis works will be accepted.

3香港「人工智能 生活智慧」手機應用程式改良比賽


智能手機的普及,引至手機應用程式迅速發展,程式種類繁多,當中以即時通訊、社交網絡、生活資訊、購物平台,以至飲食指南都是日常生活會用到的應用程式,因此應用程式已是生活不可或缺的一部份。 誠邀你們,發揮創意加入「人工智能」於現有的應用程式,增添新功能,如何善用人工智能改善我們未來的生活。


提交日期:2018年3月1日 至 4月14日


  1. 根據主題,利用「人工智能」來改良現有的手機應用程式,請參閱以下評審準則及項目:
    • 計劃書以任何形式,如影片、圖表、簡報等呈交大會作評審
    • 闡述選擇該手機應用程式的原因
    • 指出該手機應用程式需改良的問題
    • 說明人工智能如何改善或提升手機應用程式
    • 解釋此改善的必要性和有利之處
    • 無需考慮技術細節部分,而著重增添功能的層面
  2. 報告以不多於800字(中英文均可),圖片可以附在報告內。
  3. 每位參加者只可遞交一份作品。
  4. 大會評審團根據作品的主題原創性(40%)、可行性(30%)、觀點(30%)而作準則。
  5. 沒有限制繪圖工具,可用電腦軟件繪圖。
  6. 在指定期間將作品(doc, docx, jepg, png, gif, ppt, pptx, pdf, mp4格式)及說明: 上載至www.cahk.hk/WTISD2018或Whatsapp 至6572 4245 (需註明姓名/學校/班別/聯絡方式)。


  1. 沒有限制遞交作品容量。
  2. 參賽作品可供主辦機構使用,作展覽或其他宣傳用途
  3. 參賽作品必須為參賽者原創作品,如因侵犯他人版權,導致主辦機構受到任何法律行動,參賽者須負全責

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